Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Downsizing My Home!

Two years ago I was sitting around bored on a Saturday trying to decide what to do with my day. Craigslist is a great place to browse when your bored! Not sure what I was looking for but I came across a little 400 square foot house for sale to be moved. One of my favorite sites is http://tinyhouseblog.com/. I had been dreaming of one of those little houses for quite some time.

This house was cute in an ugly way! It was a pepto-bismal pink color and the porch was rotted but I saw something in the little shack. I called and asked to go look at it.
I had my dad come look at it and after his approval and 3000.00 dollars later it was mine! Scary actually. I had no idea how I was going to get it to my 5 acres much less make it livable. I started with portable building movers. They all told me that they would not touch it because it did not have the skids built under it like portable storage buildings do. I called around with about a one hundred mile radius and most house movers did not want to touch it because the job was too small. The companies that would move it were horribly expensive. Finally I found a mover who would move it for 1600.00.

I had a spot prepared for the house and brought about 13 miles from it's pasture to my 5 acres!

I wanted to work on the house slowly while paying cash for the repairs. The roof was the first fix and I wanted it done quickly so that the house was protected although there were no visible leaks found.

  I called in helpers and got busy! We took the old shingles off. The roof was indeed in pretty good shape beneath the shingles! We did end up replacing a broken board where a tree limb had fallen.

With a shiny new roof we then moved on to the oh so not fun job of prepping for paint. The little house needed to lose the pepto-color. I decided to go with a barn red color. I actually went through tons of red color choices before spotting a can of red "Barn and Fence" paint. That was it. Already mixed in the perfect color.

Beautiful red! Unfortunately the front door was in bad shape and I hated to see it and the screen door go but it was necessary. I decided the outside doors should match and replaced the side door also. It was a good decision and it brightened the inside of the house with the added sunlight.

 The kitchen had upper cabinets only. I took the doors off and painted them a mustard. I added hickory cabinets for the bottom. I saved money by utilizing the existing top cabinets and having a small kitchen meant spending less on what little cabinets I did need to purchase.

I decided to leave the rest of the bead-board walls like they were.

I found a sink for 9.99 at the Goodwill! Looks nice in the little kitchen.

 I purchased my fridge for 100.00 on Craigslist! The floor in the kitchen had a bad spot that was repaired and I decided to go with inexpensive vinyl floor tiles. The bathroom also got the same tiles but I left the wood floors in the rest of the little house.

I did splurge on my oven. I bought a 20 inch wide oven to save on space. These are a little difficult to find but I shopped around as much as possible. I found them online only and searched for a few weeks to find the best deal. We actually cooked a turkey in it at Thanksgiving. We love it!

I had to include this photo of Berkley, my g-daughter! We made outfits for Thanksgiving. The kids loved being creative and designing their own pieces. They came with their own Native American names. This is "Little Berkley Princess".

The bathroom had to be gutted. It was a hodge-podge of wood paneling, plaster and weird wallpaper. I think the shower might have come out of a travel trailer! It was very small and it was a horrible 70's looking color. It must have been added later on since the little home was built in 1950.

This is the tile that was installed in the tub-shower. It turned out really well although I left the window in the shower so we added a shower curtain inside over the window to protect it from water.

It got a new shower and it has a tub now also!

A hidden door was cut into the bead board in the hallway and a stack washer-dryer was added. A cute little metal latch keeps the door secure. When people ask what is behind the door I usually tell them its the wine cellar!

Now the little house has come a long way but a porch should would dress it up! I must admit I did splurge on the porch. It was worth the money though. It added curb appeal (I don't have a curb!) and usable square feet to the house. It made it feel so much bigger!

Yes!............. It's an outdoor living room!

This is the latest project! A microwave from Craigslist for 50.00 (199.00 brand new) and damaged cabinets marked wayyyy down! The damage on the cabinet is in the back where it cannot be seen. The little counter-top (from IKEA) was the leftover that was cut for the sink area so I was able to get the use of it! Love savin a buck!

I decided to stain the porch a darker color! This is the present state of the "Bear Cabin". Yes I have bears hanging here and there. There is also a carved bear on the porch.
I started this blog because I love to save money and I have discovered I love living simple. I want to share the things that I have done in order to achieve living a little simpler so that others might benefit from my super thrifty mentality! I am going to share changes I have made, recipes, crafts, and any other tip that I can think of!